Where has Pytavia been used

Just some of the places where Pytavia has been used and is running in production systems supporting many users

Boston Consulting Group

Used in asset management system

Pytavia was used to develop the asset management system of one of the biggest conglomerates in Indonesia

MNC Spin

End to end E-money platform

Pytavia was used to develop an end to end transactional e-money system. The application supports millions of users and provides essential payment services to its users

CIMB Niaga

Merchant side transactional system

Pytavia has been used to develop a merchant side transactional system for one of the lagest banks in Indonesia. Pytavia was the core development process running behind the payment platform that will be used across millions of merchants nation wide

CMK Group

Digital Gold Platform

Pytavia was used to create a digital gold platform that allows users to hold gold in a flexible digital format. The technology allows users to transfer, and invest gold in a way that physical gold does not

Ingenico Group

Worker Management Platform

Pytavia was used to create ingenico's core worker management platform. The platform provides the method for which Ingenico coordinates their 100's of field technicians and engineers do their daily tasks remotely


Sales Management Platform

Pytavia was used to provide the end to end onboarding and field sales staff team for T-cash. This platform allowed for sales teams to enter their sales data whilst acquiring merchants on the field and provided the work flow for merchant payments onboarding