Pytavia Features

Welcome to the Pytavia feature list. Here you can find a list of features that exist within Pytavia. This list will be updated as we add more and more features into the Pytavia framework.

Event Based Programming

By Pytavia, Useful for real-time programming

Allows you to create event handlers based on updates on given collections. This allows for real-time triggers to occur based on back-end processes

Web applications & REST API's

By Pytavia, Web based API's and web applications

Develop micro-services or full web applications using the standard HTTP request responses based on the Flask micro-framework. Easily create web applications using HTML/CSS/Java Script and easily add them into templates and static assets

Standard Modules

By Pytavia, Standard modules to help with common tasks

As part of the Pytavia framework, standard modules for AWS s3 Integration, race condition protection modules, security and checksum API tokenisation, standard request and response JSON formatting and many more

Standard ORM

By Pytavia, Built in ORM

There is a built in semi ORM that protects your application from rouge attributes being added into collections if your looking for a structured set of collections and entity relationships